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Thermocouples - ams2750e (nadcap)

MICT has the capability of manufacturing a range of K and N type thermocouple cables specifically designed for rigorous AMS2750E applications:

  • Sheath diameter of 0.059" up to 0.375"

  • Provided as simplex, duplex, triplex cable

  • ASTM type 1 high purity MgO insulation

  • Sheath material: Inconel 600/601, Incotherm Alloy TD®

  • ASTM special limits or IEC class 1 tolerances

  • Front end to back end temperature (emf) differential < 1.1 degrees Celcius (2 degrees Fahrenheit)


MICT provides calibration results on both coil ends for each thermocouple cable manufactured in our factory. Our laboratory uses the comparison calibration method in general accordance with ASTM E220. Calibration temperatures are 100, 300, 500, 700, 1093 and 1200 degrees Celcius.

MICT works continuously to reduce the measurement uncertainty at each calibration temperature and new estimates are made at six month intervals. The uncertainty estimates for each temperature are reported on each coil's calibration report which is provided with each shipment.

Cables compliant with AMS2750E (NADCAP) offer excellent calibration performance and end to end consistency.



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