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RTD EXtension cables

MICT manufactures and stocks a wide range of RTD extension cables in both imperial (inch) and Metric (millimeter) sizes.

Custom sizes available, but standard sizes, wire type and sheath materials are show below and available with 2 to 8 wires:

RTD Sizes.jpg

The magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation is used in all cables is available in either standard purity ( >97% pure MgO).

All raw materials used in the manufacture of MICT's RTD extension cables are highest quality and must meet our own strict specifications. MICT provides full traceability of raw materials used in each coil on the cable certificate which accompanies each shipment.

Cables are manufactured in order to comply with ASTM E1137/E1137M, an internationally recognized standard dealing with the manufacture and performance of industrial platinum resistance thermometers (IPRT).

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