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incotherm alloy td® sheathed thermocouples

MICT is pleased to announce that cable is now available with Incotherm Alloy TD® sheath material. This state of the art alloy offers vastly improved oxidation resistance over Inconel 600 material in high temperature high reliability applications.


In conjunction with its improved oxidation resistance, additional advantages may be expected:

  • Long thermocouple service life

  • Reliability at high temperatures up to 1250 degrees Celcius (2282 degrees Farenheit).

  • Low aluminum and manganese content promoting stability and low thermocouple emf drift over its service life.

Alloy TD is meant for demanding high reliability applications and MICT uses its best raw materials and processes in the manufacture of this product. Our customers leave nothing to chance when providing a premium product and nor does MICT. All cable is provided with high purity MgO insulation (>99.4% pure).

This product is available in all sizes from 0.059" (1.5mm) to 0.500" (12.7mm) in K or N thermocouple wire types. It may also be ordered to ASTM special limits or according to calibration accuracy as defined within AMS 2750E.

Our sale and engineering personnel will be happy to help in determining what best fits your application. Contact us to begin the conversation.

Download the brochure.

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